Home For Life Volunteer Testimonials

The Home For Life program serves the South Georgian Bay region in Ontario. Discover the impact of how this volunteer program helps change people’s lives through our volunteer and client testimonials. Feel inspired? Click here to find out more about volunteering.

Home For Life volunteer program South Georgian Bay“I’ve always enjoyed working with seniors – they have a soft spot in my heart. As a volunteer the Home For Life program allows me to set my own hours and my own agenda. I really value how much thought and care goes into matching volunteers with clients. Patty’s training and support made all the difference.”

“I really like the Home For Life organization, being able to help my community feels good. They made me feel welcome and worked with me to match me with someone who likes the same activities as I do – going out for coffee.”

“Now that I am retired, I like having the opportunity to give back to my community. The Home For Life program not only made sense, but it also sounded interesting. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping people and improving lives. I also like the opportunity to form real ongoing relationships, the personal aspect is what I find most rewarding.

“My wife encouraged me to volunteer with Home For Life. I had a rough adolescence but I managed to turn my life around. After giving myself a second chance I felt motivated to do some ‘payback’ to my community. Through volunteering, I’ve been able to help my client deal better with his anxiety. Nothing feels as good as helping someone else feel safe.

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Home For Life Client Testimonials

Home For Life volunteer program South Georgian Bay“My ‘Home for Life’ volunteer helps me with phone calls; my computer, woodworking and we go out for coffee. I have never met anybody as nice. The volunteer spending time with me helps with my nerves and helps me forget about things that have been tough throughout my life. The Home For Life volunteer has dramatically improved my quality of life. The experience has motivated me to volunteer and help someone else.”

“My Home For Life volunteer is very encouraging. They take me to appointments and carry my groceries upstairs. My quality of life is definitely better now that I have a volunteer helping me. I don’t know what I would do without my volunteer.

“My wife requires full time care 24/7. Our ‘Home for Life’ volunteer has improved both of our lives immensely. The volunteers provide companionship for my wife and a much need break for me. Having a volunteers support has helped with my depression, in fact, it was my counsellor who recommended the program. I think it is a fantastic program, it’s certainly changed our lives.”

“My mom requires full time help. I do as much as I can but I also work full time. My mom loves the ‘Home for Life’ volunteer. She really enjoys getting out of the house while I am working. They go shopping, out for coffee and have long chats. My mom really enjoys the company. Having a volunteer visit really helps us. I don’t know what we would do without them.”

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